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Radiation Protection Services

ALHADDAD Radiation Protection Services are Advisers for over 250 businesses, hospitals, & Radiology. Covering all aspects of the safe use of Diagnostic X-rays, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radioisotopes.

Partners & Clients

ALHADDAD works and partner ups with global companies in the medical industry around the world, aiming to be the first in bringing all top medical services and products to the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.


ALHADDAD is one of the leading suppliers representing many renowned manufacturers of state of the art medical equipment, health related supplies and diagnostic products. We also offer Personnel Monitoring Services.

About Us

ALHADDAD Medical, established in 1995, is one of the oldest medical equipment houses and consultants.

We are active in the government and private sector through joint tenders and direct sales.

ALHADDAD has been providing efficient services to customers at all times, through experienced & well qualified professional teams of sales, technical and biomedical engineers, covering training programs or demonstrating new equipment. 

We provide Radiation Protection Services, certified from KACARE, and are advisers for over 250 businesses

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